Bravo Shoes, has the proud distinction of being one of the most professional shoe manufacturers of formal wear in the United States. As the current leader in our industry with offices in both US and Canada, we are committed to supplying well made and superior quality footwear to our customers. We provide both rental and retail shoes with great design and innovative features. Our customer service and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Bravo Shoes offers both Retail and  Rental Tuxedo shoes under the luxury designer label: Allure Men, Vangelo, Bravo  and Jean Yves. Each shoe is impeccably designed with the quality and excellence that has become synonymous in this industry. Whether the customer is seeking refined classics or is looking for a more modern edge, Bravo Shoes delivers an unparallel products.

We are proud to have been honored by International Formal Wear Association in 2014  as  "MANUFACTURER of the YEAR".